NIKOLAIDIS company was established in 1977 by Anestis Nikolaidis. Since then it has been specialized in the production of panel saws. The continuous effort for the improvement of the machines and the reliable service confirmed the company as one of the most important in the area of wood working machines.

history1981In it's year lasting course, NIKOLAIDIS company distinguishes for the development of innovative and modern machines.

In 1980 it presented the first automatic angular panel saw.

In 1981 NIKOLAIDIS presented the first panel saw in Greece with beam pressure, double absorption and system for the protection of the user.


In 1993 because of the ongoing demand for qualitative cutting on kitchen's doors, presented the special cutting system post forming and entered into market the POST FORMING 090 panel saw, which today is the best seller of Greek market.


Since 1998 the factory moved on in the technological step-up of all the machines with the use of linear movement systems on the saw carriage and on the pusher (INA linear bearings). By using these systems the machines obtain absolute stability, cutting precision and nullify damage from frequent use. Also it consecrated the use of automatic lubrication system. Moreover the automatism of all panel saws includes modern PLC and INVERTERS for the precise and quick movement of the pusher and the saw carriage.

All the machines are designed by a modern program of industrial design CAD from skilled mechanical engineers. The Research and Development department of the company is responsible for the continuous technological improvement. Materials of high quality are used in all the machines and all the electrical parts are TELEMECANIQUE and SIEMENS. Also all the machines fulfill the European Safety Standards [CE].


The big product range of NIKOLAIDIS can cover any need for panel sizing. NIKOLAIDIS machines participate in many international fairs and the exports of the company have been expanded in many countries all over the world. In 1998 created the commercial branch with the name NIKOLAIDIS MACHINES.

Taken advantage of the great experience in the section of woodworking machines and dedicated at the customer's total care, the company cooperated with famous European factories. Today NIKOLAIDIS MACHINES can offer customized production lines for the particular needs of every furniture company.